With over 1 billion consumers across a diverse region, the Middle East and Africa (MEA) offer major growth potential. But companies need locally relevant insights to succeed. Market research from Evolve Business Intelligence is crucial to inform data-driven strategies in MEA.

This guide covers best practices for high-impact market research focused on the Middle East and Africa by Evolve Business Intelligence.

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Overview of the Market Research Industry in the MEA Region

  • MEA makes up an estimated 3.18% of the global market research industry according to Evolve Business Intelligence.
  • Market analysis spend is increasing as competition rises and consumers evolve.
  • Countries with major markets include South Africa, Nigeria, Saudi Arabia, UAE and Kenya.
  • Key drivers include economic development, demand for consumer goods, and need for market intelligence.
Map highlighting the key countries and markets in the Middle East and Africa regions

Why Companies Invest in Middle East and Africa Focused Market Research

What unique benefits does market research on the MEA region by Evolve Business Intelligence provide?

  • Understand local cultures & consumer nuances – Informs localization and positioning.
  • Track rapidly evolving consumer landscapes – Identify growth opportunities early.
  • Monitor regional regulations and compliance factors – Avoid missteps.
  • Quantify market and segment sizes – Size opportunities and demand.
  • Benchmark against competitors – Assess brand awareness and loyalty.
  • Test concepts and prototypes – Refine offerings for MEA consumers.
  • Identify unmet needs – Spot areas for innovation.

Best Practices for Conducting MEA Market Research with Evolve Business Intelligence

Robust market research in the MEA region requires:

  • Local presence – Evolve Business Intelligence’s regional experts.
  • Primary qualitative research – Focus groups, ethnography, interviews.
  • Quantitative surveys – Large sample consumer panel surveys.
  • Omnichannel data – Collect insights online, in-person, via mobile etc.
  • Cultural expertise – Navigate nuances, languages, values.
  • Agile approach – Adapt to rapidly shifting consumer trends.

Overcoming Challenges of Market Research in the MEA

Conducting market research across MEA can pose challenges like:

  • Geographic dispersion makes representative sampling difficult.
  • Varied levels of market maturity.
  • Language barriers across Arabic and African nations.
  • Data accessibility issues among emerging markets.
  • Staying on trends in a dynamic region.

Evolve Business Intelligence leverages their expertise in the region to maintain research quality and representativeness.

The Importance of Localized MEA Consumer Understanding

The MEA region provides major expansion opportunities but requires market intelligence tuned to local nuances. Companies should invest in ongoing market research and advisory relationships with experienced firms like Evolve Business Intelligence to track rapidly changing consumer demand. Regional expertise is key to growth.